Tend Your Wisdom with Stephanie Chissler as Your Guide


Your inner wisdom is fertile and rich and just like a garden it must be nurtured.  By feeding and tending your intuition and inner guidance you have a greater access to your own wisdom.  Becoming more aware of how it flows within, you can help it to blossom.  And by listening to and acting on it’s guidance you will find a grace and ease in living your best possible life – a life aligned with your soul’s purpose!


Your intuition and inner knowing are that part of your soul that communicates with you through your body, feelings, thoughts, energetic senses and through your connection to the spiritual realm.  Once you are aware of this inner knowing you have an opportunity to allow it to guide you in manifesting creations in your life.  This guidance, when coupled with your life experiences, allows you to access your own unique inner wisdom. And your inner wisdom, when acted upon, allows you to express yourself in new and radiant ways!


Wisdom Tending may include working with dreams, tuning in to your imagination, creating or enjoying art, visions, contemplative readings, journaling, tarot or oracle card readings, meditation, walks in nature or SoulCollage®.  By actively and intentionally Wisdom Tending you are able to access it more consciously and more frequently, allowing you to move your life in directions that are most fulfilling.


We are all able to access this inner wisdom.  It is simply a matter of discovering the practices and tools that are best for you. Just as you would tend, feed and nurture a new seedling, our wisdom needs daily care – feeding, nurturing, and observing what encourages its growth.  As you strengthen this relationship, your life will bloom in beautiful ways.


Join me in community with other women – together we will gain confidence to actively move our inner wisdom into the realm of action, propelling our personal and professional lives forward in amazing ways!

Words of Wisdom

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