My SoulCollage® Journey….

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all cardsMy introduction to SoulCollage® came in June of 2012 when my mother, Diane Warner (also a SoulCollage® Facilitator), told me about a fabulous workshop she had attended when in Guatemala using a process called SoulCollage.  She took me to my first workshop led by Anne Marie in June 2012 and I immediately knew SoulCollage® was for me – I was hooked!

I began to regularly attend workshops on-line and in person and my card deck grew and grew.  I became enthralled with the process and the inner knowing it was bringing out in my life.  The ways the cards would surprise me and inform me was fascinating.  I soon became a Kaleidosoul member and knew that I wanted to become a facilitator.  In April of 2013 I took the plunge with Anne Marie as my trainer.

After becoming a facilitator I continued to attend workshops and retreats and began hosting a group of “SoulCollage Sisters” for regular card making and readings.  I soon realized I needed to branch out, I needed to share SoulCollage® with a wider community and in August 2014 I offered my first official workshop!

For me the creation of cards is sacred work, it allows me to dive deep and uncover what is needed to move more fully into my soul’s expression.  It offers a tangible way to help me in moving my intentions out into the world, a way to see what may be blocking me, what needs to be released and then attracted to move forward in my life and with my creations.  My love of nature’s cycles and the natural world led me to create workshops that align SoulCollage® with these rhythms in nature.  My first workshop series focused on the energies of the lunar cycle, creation of intentions, card making and readings in alignment with these cycles.

I love that there are so few “rules” in card making and card readings allowing my inner creativity to expand.  I now have over 100 cards and this past summer I had the opportunity to lay them out in my yard with my “SoulCollage Sisters” present – what a wondrous and enriching experience!

I always have a card displayed on my spiritual altar and as a daily practice I often intuitively pick a card before heading off to work and slip it into an envelope. Sometime during the day I open the envelope to see who has come along with me – and of course insights abound!

For anyone just starting out with their SoulCollage® practice remember that it is a “practice”. It is a fabulous, nourishing, soul revealing, intuitive, wisdom practice that needs your patience, your openness and your willingness to explore. Go at your own pace and go as deeply as you feel comfortable going.  As you journey know that there is a wonderful community of SoulCollagers here to support you.  Most importantly – HAVE FUN!


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