So glad you stopped by to learn more about me and my offerings!  I want to share with you a bit about my journey…


Early in my pre-teen years I enjoyed walks in the woods, communing with trees, journaling, craft pursuits and pondering the big questions like “why are we here?” It wasn’t until I entered college and began exploring spirituality, women’s studies and alternative ways of being that I consciously began my soul’s journey ~ and what a fabulous journey it has been! 


Like all adventures in life, I often had no idea where I was going until I found myself at a turning point ~ the space where a decision must be made to feed my soul’s longing.  To tune in and move towards a more authentic version of myself, I would drop down into my inner guidance and tune into this wisdom with practices and tools I had collected along the way.


I can’t say that this tuning in and moving forward has always been smooth and easy.  I will say, the more I tend my wisdom,  the happier I am, the more full and grateful I am, and the more alive I feel. Rather than being pulled along by the universe, I have become a conscious co-creator of my life. 


For me, the energetic forces that have been most powerful for accessing my inner wisdom are those of the natural world.  The planets, stars and the elements of earth, water, air, fire, and Spirit have provided me with the foundation to align and tune into my own inner guidance. Attuning with the natural world and pursuing my various studies and interests has led the way in creating my own unique relationship with my inner wisdom.  My interests and experiences have included SoulCollage®,  Alchemical Creation Priestess Process, Shamanic Astrology, Wicca, Inner Relationship Focusing, Vipassana meditation, and the teachings of Buddhism.


My soul (with a lot of inner guidance!)  has now led me to offer supportive, fun and soul nourishing experiences and tools for women who are longing to nurture their wisdom and grow their lives. If there is an offering that calls to you I would enjoy connecting!