Awaken Your Divine Feminine Abundance
with SoulCollage®




Connect to the Divine Feminine to receive guidance to transform your life and your world.  Explore and awaken your Divine Feminine Abundance through the practice and power of SoulCollage®!


For those in the Southern Hemisphere, Summer will soon be here! This is the time of year to bask in the lush creations of nature and do some deep nourishing of your body, mind and spirit. It is also time to take stock of what has and is coming into your life, to feel the abundance and bounty.


For those in the Northern Hemisphere, with the season of Winter fast approaching, you may be feeling the need to do some deep inner work. Maybe you want to dive in and uncover where in your life you want greater richness.


Questions to consider ~


  • Where in your life are you experiencing a richness of abundance?


  • Is the bounty of your life felt within and seen around you or is there something blocking that abundance?


  • Are you feeling an expansion of heart-centered compassion towards yourself and others? (Abundant happiness often begins with compassion!)


  • Have you been experiencing the magic of creation energy, getting lots of projects and dreams off the ground?


If you are noticing that you are not seeing and feeling the abundance that you want to have in your life it may be time to connect with Divine Feminine energies AND use your SoulCollage® practice to assist you!


Nourish your compassion with Tara, expand your creation capacity with Hathor and experience a richer connection to abundance with Lakshmi.


In this online three module video series you will be guided through visual presentations and images, journaling, meditations, movement, activations, and the practice of SoulCollage®. 



Complimentary Video Session ~

View a complimentary session on awakening your relationship with the Divine Feminine (and have a preview of what the series is all about). This 30 minute video session will show you how you can easily connect with the Divine Feminine and how your SoulCollage® practice can assist you!  Just sign up below for access to this complimentary session (and to hear about future online offerings):



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to Deepen and Expand your Relationship with Divine Feminine Abundance!




Module 1 ~ Nourish your Compassion with the Tibetan Goddess Tara

Guide your heart-centered life from the nurturing sea of compassion.

Call upon infinite inter-connectedness to source your ultimate freedom.

Uplift your life, business, relationships, leadership and manifestation ability.








Module 2 ~ Expand your Creation capacity with the Egyptian Goddess Hathor 

Open to her creative mysteries and gifts.

Dance in a new level of creation magic.

Nourish your vital relationship to the universal rhythms and cycles of nature.








Module 3 ~ Experience a richer connection to Abundance with the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi

Open to a greater flow of abundance within and without.

Receive the opulent blessings of Divine bounty.

Circulate the generous potent consciousness of plenty.






Investment: Only $30 for entire 3 Module series!



  • Receive access to 3 hour long Awaken your Divine Feminine videos to view at your own pace. Classroom link and password will be emailed within 24 hours of registration.
  • Journaling handout for each module.
  • Suggestions for card making and downloadable images to create SoulCollage® cards.



Register today and begin to

Awaken your Divine Feminine Abundance with SoulCollage®!


(Materials from this series are adapted from workshops created by Lisa Michaels –


Divine Feminine Abundance


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Awaken your Divine Feminine Abundance with SoulCollage®


Awaken Your Divine Feminine Wisdom with SoulCollage®

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