During your workshops and Oracle session I appreciated your clarity and explanations. I loved how you set the stage with your sweet energy and I like the fact that you helped me see my own guidance.  ~ Judy Bousquin


I was very hesitant about the Oracle Reading, fearing something like Tarot Cards. But your simple explanation that the cards were not prophetic put me at ease and it was very beneficial and fun! You are a very gentle and encouraging guide. ~ Sue Larson




My Oracle Sessions were fabulous! I love what was revealed… hearing my inner voice speak, as you and the cards prompt it with just the right questions. I love your enthusiasm and confidence in the cards, and your guidance when I’m a little unsure, is always right on. I’ve done a lot of inner work over the years, using many different modalities, but your Oracle readings tap into an aspect of my inner voice that I haven’t heard before, and it just lights me up to hear such wisdom come from inside of me.  ~ Arlena D.



I really enjoyed learning what the different Water, Air, Fire, Wind & Spirit cards mean. Every time I attend one of your sessions, I walk away learning something more about myself. I find it a very spiritual experience. ~ Asma McGuerty




SoulCollage® surprises me every time! The cards I have put together have so much meaning as I read them.  ~ SoulCollager


I loved the whole process. I liked how wisdom, meditation and connection with one’s self was blended with creativity and a process that you could take with you. I felt energized after the experience and excited to use my cards at home- and to create some of my own.  ~ C. Ryding


I like your clear explanations, the fact that you have planned and prepared, then the universe makes it work perfectly and I love the synchronicity. I love the warm comfortable atmosphere you create. I have gained so much from creating my cards, I have met some truly wonderful people and enjoy everyone’s sharing and growing. ~ Mary Houde